About Us

About Us


A.G. COSMIC CLINIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE has been established in the year 1995, by INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU to Promote Individual, Family, and Society's Health for the Human Peace throughout the World through a Unique Revolutionary Patented Non-Medicine Invention Treatment “THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT”.

A.G Cosmic Clinic and Research Institute is affiliated to the International Open University of Sri Lanka and GFIM, USA. Our clinic has experienced doctors who are specialists in Panchaboodha treatment and respective pulse diagnosis methods.

The founder Chairman and Chief Doctor, INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has served nearly 400 thousand patients in his 25 years of service who didn't have any solution to their ailments by this Panchaboodha treatment.

The Panchaboodha Treatment is a boon to understand the human body as a single unit and treat it without medicines. Since the diagnosis and the treatment to select pressure points in the relevant energy channels are focused on the root cause, the Panchaboodha treatment is helping to cure all types of non-curable diseases and disorders including genetics.

  • Non curable get cured
  • Unknown cause of your ailments also diagnosis & treated
  • Get quality life with extended life span without side effects.

The Chief Doctor INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has filed the patent in India and PCT (Council for 152 Countries). His invention has been granted patent rights from Australia in the year 2010 and South Africa granted patent rights in the year 2012. He has acquired Copyrights from India and U.S.A. He has acquired 7 seven different trademark registrations for his inventions and Institution.

By this Panchaboodha treatment we treat all non-curable diseases and disorders like Diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid, arthritis, sleep apnea, high and low blood pressure, allergies, muscular dystrophy, ulcers, neurological diseases including Mind and multiple sclerosis, Asthma, CKD, Crohn’s disease, depression, trigeminal neuralgia, ulcerative colitus etc., through THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT. This treatment involves pulse diagnosis method and balances all the five elements and the cosmic elements present in the human body as macro and micro forms.

The Chief Doctor INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has a vision of establishing academic Institutions to teach THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT to the eligible candidates to meet the proportionate need of the doctors in this non medicine field. In order to fulfill our vision and mission, we are continuously producing research students and doctors in order to create a healthy world without side effects. We encourage our students to do more research in the Panchaboodha treatment to prove its authenticity and to ensure the individual health, family health, and society's health through THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT, which will reduce their expenses on medicines and treatments and also protect their wealth.

The head office is located at heart of the Salem City in Tamilnadu, India and carries out wide range of activities in bringing out the Panchaboodha Treatment to the limelight and to make it as one of the department of AYUSH in India.

INVENTOR Professor INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU's service of this Panchaboodha treatment without medicines has been completed 25 Years in the Year 2020. INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has been doing free health services to reinforce society's welfare and family welfare along with individual welfare by conducting treatment camps for different sectors of the societies. Recognizing and appreciating the Invention and services to the society, many National and International organizations honored INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU by presenting various awards. The Asia Book of Record Awards and Global awards are some of the Pearls on his crown.