Kundalini Meditation

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Kundalini Meditation

In Kundalini meditation there is only one way called “Eru padi", in this the Kundalini power will be initiated by the guru and raised upwards to the ajna Chakra. His Holiness Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan introduced the “ Irangu padi", meaning from ajna to mooladara Chakra. His Holiness Gurubhiran Gnanaparanjothi introduced 3 methods to conquer the mind, namely

  • Thannilai
  • Munnilai
  • Irainilai

Methodology of Kundalini Meditation

INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU have Invented that apart from back side of the spinal card the Kundalini path exists in the front side of the body parallel to the spine and also  there is a neutral path between these two.

There are 8 sides to each of the way  Raising up towards  sakasrara and flowing down towards moolathara,  both are surrounded by 8 sides of energies. These two paths have a center neutral path which also inturn surrounded by 8 sides.

In the head the Kundalini power from all the sides join together at the sahasraharam to open up the wisdom. When all the (8) eight sides join together at the center of the downward path it opens the mooladharam . Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu have invented the method to evoke all these eight ways of energies and the joining point.

INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU have named this method of practicing meditation as VAJRA BRAMHA GNANA MAHA KUNDALINI MEDITATION.

Inventor Prof.Dr.Aathi Jothi Babu is the only one disciple to receive certificate of completion of mastering The Kundalini Yoga and Jeeva Kandha atral Thiyanam from his mentor and Guru Gurubhiran Gnanaparanjothi.