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"Medicine aims to prevent disease and prolong life. The idea of medicine is to eliminate the need for a physician. A specialist is a man who knows more and more about less and less."

Dr.William J. Mayo

As the saying goes 'Necessity is the mother of invention', the Chief Doctor,  INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU, who was born in Salem, Tamilnadu, India was made to invent a unique treatment method without medicine to address the root cause of all ailments. When he was in his late teens, his intestines were affected suddenly and it could not be cured nor was the cause found in his native town. 

This long-suffering made him invent the new method of treatment called ‘THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT’. After learning and practicing acupuncture, he researched the five elements along with the second fire. During this period INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU invented the method to do pulse diagnosis method of the six elements, their physiology, and pathophysiology based on the above invention.

INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has thrown bright limelight on medical health to understand it in a better way, with his revolutionary invention “THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT”, a treatment methodology without medicines. During his Doctorate in Acupuncture, he invented new methods to connect the existing CV, GV channel, 24 energy channels, 12 organs pulse, and 12 organs related to five elements energy points and six elements energy points in acupuncture theories with the six elements pulse pattern. This invention made the entire diagnosis of a patient’s acute, chronic diseases condition and treatment through the six elements pulse pattern.

He invented the three states of the six elements solid, liquid, gaseous state, and the tracks for CV / GV apart from spinal card and classification of genders among the elements. INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU made the acupuncture theories into a complete science and with this invention, he has proved that acupuncture/acupressure can be used to treat various diseases/disorders and can be taught systematically.

He invented the presence of micro and macro elements in the body and the replica energies of these two micro energies as a vital force and the life force representing breathing. With this knowledge, he could further diagnose the root cause of any ailment, whether it is allergic headache or organ failure. Also, he can find out the acute and chronic diseases and disorders including genetics whether idiopathic or functional disorders or organic disorders.

This unique pulse diagnosis method not only shows the underlying root cause but also the energy responsible for it and the state of the elements whether over-functioning or ineffective or deactivated.

By giving appropriate points on the relevant energy channels or track the imbalance can be made balanced immediately as desired. The patients could feel the relief immediately and based on the severity of ailments they get cured or could lead a quality life. In this path of health service, INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has cured many non-curable diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Heart diseases, Obesity, Psoriasis, Skin diseases, Parkinson's Diseases, Nervous System Diseases, Neurological Disorders, Alzheimer’s Diseases.

INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU's ambition is to create a healthy human race without the side effects of medicines and with strong unencumbered vital force. Through these inventions, he helped many patients to cure and some chronic ailments could be treated only up to 70% percent. His compassion to help the needy couldn't rest and he wanted to help the suffering patients. He kept on searching for the answers in his patient's pulse patterns. He found out that there were other new elements pulse and its pulse pattern of the new elements. This opened the new path of knowledge and he invented that these new pattern pulses of the elements were representing the external, internal life energies of the human. The Macro atomic energies of the Universal cosmic energy in the human body are named the Prabhanja. The Macro atomic energies are the Prabhanja Positive and the Prabhanja Negative of the Universal cosmic energies related to the external life force representing upward traveling of the human body.

The Micro atomic energies of the Universal cosmic energy in the human body are named the Seed. The Micro atomic energies are the Seed Positive and Seed Negative of the Universal cosmic energies related to the internal life force representing downward traveling of the human body. These are the four  Macro and Micro atomic energies of the universal cosmic energies in the human body, when it is used downwards helps with six elements to reproduce and when it is used upwards it helps with six elements to develop the knowledge to attain wisdom.

This immense knowledge made him find the growth and survival pattern of the five, six, ten elements and its multiplication pattern traveling from micro to macro, macro to micro along with Panchaboodha and the universe. Then only he invented, how the elements connecting and working with birth, life, death of the living things, and the human. His invention of the universal cosmic energy in the human body and its role played in the human body is proof of the saying “As Above So Below”. Around the globe, this is the first and only one invention for bringing growth and survival theories connecting the universe to all living things and the human body.

These four micro and macro universal cosmic elements and the other six elements, and its new elements related 1000 elements energy channels, its relevant 1000 elements pulse pattern, and 4,00,000 new elements points all were invented by INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU and named as "THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT”.

The Panchaboodha Treatment is a boon to understand the human body as a single unit and treat it without medicines. Since the diagnosis and the treatment to select pressure points in the relevant energy channels are focused on the root cause, this Panchaboodha treatment is helping to cure all types of non-curable diseases and disorders including genetics. To fulfill the mission in his lifetime, INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has been doing free health services to reinforce society's welfare and family welfare along with individual welfare by conducting treatment camps for different sectors of the societies. INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU has served nearly 400 thousand patients in his 25 years of service who didn't have any solution to their ailments.

People from all over India and western countries have got benefited from this patented treatment" THE PANCHABOODHA TREATMENT".  He collaborated with National and international social organizations like Lions Clubs and Rotary clubs and conducted free medical camps to reach every sector of the society.

Recognizing and appreciating the Invention and services to the society, many National and International organizations honored INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU by presenting various awards. The Asia Book of Record Awards and Global awards are some of the Pearls on his crown.