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Methodology of The Panchaboodha Treatment

  • 100% scientific method
  • Patented methodology
  • Pulse diagnosisi method
  • Balancing energies of five elemrnts and the micro/ macro energies in your body
  • Prognosis done immediately after treatment
  • Treatment for all non curable, idiopAathic diseases/ disorders
  • Imeediate solutions to all your ailments

The Panchaboodha treatment has a UNIQUE PULSE DIAGNOSIS METHOD to find the

  • Root cause of ailments
  • State of the ailment whether chronic or acute
  • Areas which have been affected in the  body  and the way how the disease/ disorders will  spread or decorate
  • Points to be selected for treatment
  • Prognosis
  • Prepare the patient’s body to accept the maximum of the treatment

With this knowledge, he is able to diagnose the root cause of any ailment, whether it is allergic headache or organ failure. Also, he can find out the acute and chronic states of diseases and disorders including genetic disorders whether idiopAathic or functional disorders or organic disorders.

By giving appropriate pressure on the relevant points of relevant energy channels or track, the imbalance can be rectified immediately and the balance of elements’ energies can be brought in as desired. The patients could feel the relief immediately and based on the severity of ailments they get cured or could lead a quality life.