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We cure all diseases

The UNIQUE PULSE DIAGNOSIS METHOD not only shows the underlying root cause but also the energy responsible for it and the state of the elements whether over-functioning or ineffective or deactivated.

By giving appropriate pressure on the relevant points of relevant energy channels or track, the imbalance can be rectified immediately and the balance of elements’ energies can be brought in as desired. The patients could feel the relief immediately and based on the severity of ailments they get cured or could lead a quality life.

In this path of health service, INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU have cured many non-curable diseases like Arthritis, Lungs diseases,  Diabetes Mellitus, Blood Pressure, Cholestrol, Heart Diseases, Kidney failure, Obesity, Cancer, Bronchitis, Epilepsy, Headaches, Fevers, Liver diseases,  Asthma, Autism, Autoimmune Diseases, Insomnia, Stroke,  Psoriasis, Skin Diseases, Gout, Jaundice,  Parkinson's Diseases, and Diseases related to Nervous System, Neurological Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Spondylitis, Alzheimer’s Diseases Depression, Ulcers, Anxiety, Bypolar disorder, Poly-cystic Overian Disease etc .

INVENTOR Prof Dr. AATHI JOTHI BABU’s ambition is to create a healthy human race without the side effects of medicines and with strong unencumbered vital force. Through these inventions, I have helped many patients, who couldn’t get any help from any of the existing schools of treatments, to get back their fullest health.